Amsterdam workplace cleaning

Amsterdam workplace cleaning

Kantoor schoonmaken


About acacia


Who we are


We are a dynamic and client-oriented company in Amsterdam that places its inner and external buyers at the centre. Because 2012, we have been delivering facility companies to our enterprise clients, but we also cleanse professionally in non-public properties and private house builders. We can recognize assignments in 24 hours, 7 days a 7 days.
We are as a result available 24 several hours a working day, 7 times a week


Cleansing firm Acacia attaches relevance to the community interest in its activities. An illustration of the social significance that cleaning firm Acacia integrates in its functioning method is preferably operating with environmentally pleasant cleansing products. Some rewards of environmentally friendly cleaning:


Just as clean and the exact same hygiene degree as chemical cleaning agents,
Go away less chemical residue,
Far better for the total well being of all staff,
Less damaging to the setting.


Conference appointments is very important to us


Outsourcing your services administration to cleaning organization Acacia can direct to expense personal savings for your firm through our performance and performance. In addition, you choose for certainty with Acacia. We feel it is quite essential to hold the agreements made.


We preserve day-to-day (or periodically) places of work, entrances, toilets, organization canteens, and all sorts of other items to the pleasure of our big and small customers. We therefore hold almost everything that our clients want to keep clear efficiently for our consumers.

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