Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen To Add Value To A Home

Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen To Add Value To A Home

When investing in black granite countertops , home owners usually need to consider the return on the investment they'll get when it's time to sell the house. countertops add any value to the home, so homeowners may eventually see the purchase as a waste of money. The following are some guidelines for remodeling a kitchen and increasing the value of the home at the same time.


Upgrade Appliances


One of the best investments to make in a kitchen is better appliances. Often, it's possible to get a much higher-quality, better-functioning machine without have to do any reconstruction of the space. Look for appliances that are energy efficient and have more functionality. For high-end neighborhoods, home owners may want to consider commercial-quality appliances, since interest in food and cooking is high these days.


Update Colors


If re-selling the house is an important consideration, home owners should remodel kitchens in neutral colors. Kitchens with stainless steel appliances and white or gray cabinets are popular these days. Granite Countertops that add a touch of color are a timeless trend in kitchen design and always worth the expense.


Make It Bigger


Any renovation that increases the size of the kitchen or even just makes it look bigger is worth the investment. Removing a wall between the kitchen and an adjacent room is one way to open up the space, but if that's not a possibility, adding a window can help create the illusion of more space.


Upgrade Flooring


Replacing an older linoleum or vinyl floor with a more up-to-date material is a valuable upgrade. Some of the top kitchen flooring materials these days include wood, bamboo, stone, tile, and cork. Bamboo and cork both have the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Since bamboo regrows from the roots once its harvested, and the bark that cork is made from regenerates, both are sustainable materials and will likely be favored by home buyers.


What To Avoid


Experts recommend staying away from renovations that add a lot of personality. Eventual buyers will need to be able to see themselves living in the home, and highly personalized features may prejudice them against the house. Home owners should stay away from things like ornate chandeliers, bold colors, intricately carved molding, and fancy extras that don't add a lot of functionality. It's also important to talk to a real estate agent about how the location affects the impact of renovations on a home. Filling up a kitchen in a mid-range neighborhood with commercial-grade appliances usually doesn't pay off.

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