Protect the Small Business from Internet Threats

Protect the Small Business from Internet Threats

computer fix that does not utilize managed IT service for all computer service needs is taking an immense risk every day. computer laptop repair and criminals are launching infected emails and monitoring public internet servers in an effort to attack small businesses. It only takes one employee to make a call in a library using the company smart phone instead of their personal phone to provide access to all files and data. Opening one email can infect the halt the functioning of the entire system.


Huge Costs


This is not the time to be cutting costs by only contracting for minimal Computer Service. The cost of computer repair technician services to remove one virus and attempt to restore as much data as possible can be hundreds of dollars. That is just the beginning of the total costs. There is the downtime to consider, any consequences or fines for not protecting confidential information, and any lost customers due to sudden delays.


Do not take a deep breath yet, costs are still mounting. Breaches in confidentiality due to lack of adequate internet protocols or strong enough defenses may lead to liability lawsuits. Now there are legal fees, media attention, possible judgments go pay, and a sharp increase in liability insurance premiums. If the business survives, the cost of a public relations company for damage control will also have to be added into the total costs.


Still Think the Business Cannot Afford Managed IT?


There are professional IT companies that specialize in catering to the unique needs and meager budgets of small businesses. Customized service is developed for each business to accommodate current operating practices, meet future goals, and stay within budget. Innovative services, such as targeted data recovery and cutting-edge diagnostic testing, are created and used to keep small businesses able to compete with medium and large businesses in the same industry.


Compare all the bills for individual service calls last year with the cost of customized managed services to determine which is more cost-effective. Take into account the potential costs of an attack, as well as the sleepless nights worrying about the business, and it is hard to ignore the fact that you cannot afford to be without outsourced professional IT services. Do not wait for an attack to decide to protect the small business from internet threats. A business takes a great deal of time and money to become successful so reduce risks as much as possible.

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