WhatsApp 2020 Privacy Protection Feature,

WhatsApp 2020 Privacy Protection Feature,


Download Whatsapp 2020 is a short message application used by millions of Indonesians. People rely on this application to connect with family, friends or even coworkers. WhatsApp is also a short message application that prioritizes privacy and security in all its features. Thus, all conversations carried out by its users will be kept confidential.

Actually, there are several features to maintain the confidentiality of information that we share on WhatsApp. Only, the privacy features in this application can work optimally if we know how to use it. WhatsApp basically gives freedom for users to set the level of privacy because not all of our activities must be known by others who are in the contact list.

Imagine when you are on vacation and your WhatsApp shows online status, your colleague immediately "invades" with various work-related matters. Or, have you ever been bothered by someone you are asking for answers because of the blue check mark? If you are worried about these things, here are some tips on how to take advantage of privacy features on WhatsApp that need to be known:

First of all, you should know that messages sent and received via WhatsApp can only be seen by those who are chatting. WhatsApp never saves messages on the server. While the end-to-end encryption feature makes messages sent through this application unreadable by third parties.

Then, you can adjust the confidentiality of the account. How: Open "Settings" then select "Account" and select "Privacy". There, you can turn off Read Receipt or "Read Report" in the form of a blue check so that there are no signs that indicate that you have read the message. In fact, you can turn off notifications for all or some of the messages you receive. It's easy: open "Settings" then select "Notifications". There, you can specify which notifications you want to display. This applies to personal and group messages. You can also specify notifications that appear on the screen in the form of banners, sounds or vibrations.

WhatsApp also adopts the Two-step Verification feature. First, the code or number sent by text message or phone call when you first activate WhatsApp. Second, the 6 digit PIN that you must make yourself. Furthermore, you can control who can see the profile photo that you have installed on WhatsApp. How: Open "Settings" then select "Account", then select "Personal". There, you can control who can see your profile picture, be it everyone, or only those on your contact list, or not even anyone.

Whatsapp 2020 an instant messaging application for smartphones. When viewed from its function, WhatsApp is almost the same as the SMS application, but WhatsApp does not use pulses, but rather internet data. In addition, because it is internet based, WhatsApp has richer features. In addition to sending texts, WhatsApp can also be used to exchange contacts, send photos and videos from galleries or cameras, documents, to locations. In fact, WhatsApp can also be used for phone calls and video calls.

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